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Dynamia Call Center Management

Dynamia Call Center Solutions is a flagship integrated call center management that goes beyond traditional call center. Dynamia Call Center integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM with CISCO Contact Center that allow agents to work more effectively in a single view of Dnamics CRM.

  • Integrated Call Center Solutions, allow your agents to work more productive and efficiently, rapid deployment and lower implementation costs.
  • Track all phone call activities from CISCO Contact Center into Dynamics CRM, allow you and your agents to see what happens with every single call including phone number, phone type, duration, date and time, call resolution.
  • Relate every call activities with Dynamics CRM cases to track and monitor how long the case is resolved, how many phone activities are needed to solve one case, cycle time of your agent activities starting from pick up the phone to resolving case/incident/complaints.
  • Configurable and Customizable screen. Dynamia call center provides an easy yet simple configurable UI reduces handling time, shorter cycle time, enabling faster processing of customer request which yield higher customer satisfaction and retention rate.
  • Simple and Intuitive dashboard and reporting. Dynamia call center provides very intuitive Case Management dashboard allowing you to track and visualize number of cases resolved and unresolved, case aging, average number of phone call in a single day, number of abandoned phone call, agent utilization, and many more.
  • Record agents conversation, provide a real time recording between your agents and your customers in resolving highly critical issues/incidents in real time and improve your customer service experience.
  • Playback recording, allows your agent supervisor to playback recording in almost real time, allows you to provide feedback to your agents while improving your agent skills and customer satisfaction.

Dynamia is focused on streamlining and integrating every business process for every department in a contact center. Call Center need one business process in each department that is both horizontally integrated to other departments, and vertically integrated. Each business process has a call center business rules built in, follows a best practice model and has CRM embedded as part of the business process. The result is improved call center efficiency and improve customer service and satisfaction.

Dynamics CRM is embedded into every business process in our systems. Unlike other systems, it is not delivered as a separate module; additional records of the customer and vehicle data are not stored in a stand-alone CRM module. Dynamia’s Call Center solutions are end-to-end solutions for Contact Center with CRM functionality embedded into the solution.

  • Streamline ProcessesDynamia Call Center System will streamline and increase your agent productivity by organizing customer information, case ticketing and customer 360 degree view, automating phone call activities creation, tracking case status efficiently, reducing redundant and repetitive tasks and empower you track every single activities of your agents and customer engagement.
  • Integrated with CISCO Contact CenterDesigned to seamlessly integrated with CISCO Contact Center Systems as well as NICE recording system, enabling you to capture every bits of your customer interactions with your agents, providing full visibility of your customer information and agents productivity on your fingertips.
  • Simple, User Friendly and IntuitiveDynamia Call Center Solution is architected with  usability in mind, offering simplicity, user-friendliness and intuitive interface enabling the agents to acquire the essential skills of customer service operations, navigate and access customer information quickly. Using Dynamics CRM, you can easily customize or extend the functionality of the system to tailor-fit with any business requirements.

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